Memonic API

We offer a REST API that provides access to some of the Memonic functionality. Using this API is completely free for non-commercial use. Please talk to us before using it for commercial applications.


  • Basics: API introduction explaining versioning, output formats (XML and JSON), error handling, internationalization and other basics.
  • API keys: Get your own API key.
  • Authentication: Learn how to log in to the API.
  • Examples: Some example applications built with the Memonic API.


This is a list of the resources provided by the API.

  • Users: List users, most importantly the logged in user.
  • User: Get information on an individual user.
  • Items: Represents all Items of a user.
  • Item: Represents an individual Item.
  • Sets: All Sets of a user.
  • Set: Get information on an individual Set.
  • SetItems: Represents the Items of a Set.
  • SetItem: Represents an individual Item in a Set.
  • Groups: All groups of a user.
  • Group: An individual group of a user.
  • GroupItems: All Items in a group.
  • GroupItem: An individual Item in a group.
  • Permissions: Represents the permission levels available to a user.