Una mujer marcando texto en muchos periódicos

Clipping de Prensa

  • Guarda notas de prensa y artículos de periódicos
  • Crea un compendio te todo que escriben de su empresa
  • Crea un archivo de su investigación de web
  • Sus clientes y compañeros tienen acceso fácil a los recortes

El Problema

You need to gather the latest press and media clips about your company and share them with your co-workers. This usually involves tedious bookmarking, copying & pasting, and clumsy organization. Taking screenshots and dealing with printouts doesn't make your life easier, either. Wouldn't you like a better way?

La Solución

With Memonic, quickly save any web content or content from any digital source: research databases, Word documents, PDFs, etc. Organize your internet research into folders, then click to publish them internally and externally. Let people subscribe to a RSS feed instead of sending bulk emails or xeroxing stacks of papers. Your clipped notes are stored in an online archive for easy report editing.

Un ejemplo son los clippings de prensa sobre Memonic.

Fastest way to collect press clippings

Memonic offers you a time-saving solution to create your company’s press clip archive (or knowledge archive for that matter).