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  • Blog research done quickly
  • Save links, blog posts and comments for reference
  • Add detailed reports to your posts
  • Give readers a powerful collaboration tool
  • Use it on any platform: Wordpress, TypePad, Blogger

The Challenge

Research for your next blog post can be a dismal exercise. Bookmarking tons of sites, copying & pasting to a long Word document and trying to keep track of your sources is time not well spent. Instead of organizing tons of open tabs and a daunting bookmark list, wouldn’t you rather be writing?

The Solution

With Memonic, quickly save any web content with just a click to your online notebook. Easily include others' comments, quotes, and extensive research in your post. Want to engage your readers? Create a Memonic group to discuss the background of a story and collaborate with your audience on your next entry. Plus our tools work on any blogging platform (Wordpress, TypePad, Blogger, Movable Type, etc.).

Blog research made so easy, you should blog about it

Memonic offers you a swift and integrated solution for fast and resourceful blogging.