A student with a laptop


  • Research your term paper
  • Save quotes and references
  • Organize your internet research
  • Collaborate with your colleagues
  • Escape paper clutter and save a tree

The Challenge

Your term or graduation paper deadline is around the corner. There are still hours of online research to do. How do you focus on your writing instead of wasting time bookmarking tons of sites, copying & pasting to a long Word document, and printing stacks of paper?

The Solution

With Memonic, quickly save any web content with just a click to your online notebook. While writing your paper, organize your online research into folders for different topics. Collaborate with classmates through Memonic groups. Need to take a break? Sync your progress to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and review your work offline, even in a cafe.

The easiest way to research a term paper

Memonic offers you plenty of shortcuts to capture and work with any type of digital content during your college finals. Plus we offer a student discount for our Premium accounts.