A teacher in front of a blackboard


  • Maintain high education standards
  • Encourage students to participate
  • Collaborate with other professors
  • Archive your internet research
  • Minimize paper clutter and save a tree

The Challenge

Preparing and distributing lesson plans day after day, year after year, can become exhausting and costly. Your time is too precious to spend on bookmarking tons of sites, copying & pasting into Word docs, and xeroxing stacks of papers. Plus, how do you keep track of your students' input?

The Solution

While researching, simply click and save to your online archive. Easily incorporate high quality visuals and movie clips into your class and homework assignments. Share notes with other teachers and benefit from their input. When you're done, send your students one link. Inspire your class to add their own research and collaborate on assignments.

There is no simpler way to develop class assignments

Memonic offers you a powerful and efficient solution to capture and work with any type of digital content in an educational setting.