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  • Collect travel ideas while browsing the Web
  • Create your online travel itinerary
  • Discuss travel ideas with friends online
  • Share information on top travel destinations

The Challenge

Planning a trip online can be painful. Too many open tabs, too many options. Your travel companions have lots of great ideas, too. How do you manage this information overload? Bookmarking? Copy & paste? Printing? Tedious!

The Solution

With Memonic you save any web content with just a click to your online notebook. Combine your notes in topical travel folders. Discuss your travel destinations with your friends. Before your trip sync your itinerary to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Or simply access it on the go with any mobile device.

The most comfortable way to travel before you travel

Memonic offers you an elegant and time saving solution to create your online travel itinerary (and travel archive for that matter).