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We've made it very easy for you to try out our Web Clipper

  1. Click and drag the "Memonic" button up to your "Bookmarks Toolbar"
  2. After the link appears in your "Bookmarks Toolbar", visit any website
  3. Click the "Memonic" link on your toolbar to start clipping

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Cool Collections

Brunching in Zurich

Brunching in Zurich

Toni likes to go for brunch, so he collects the best brunch spots in his city

Saved by Toni Birrer
New York

New York

You may love NY, but Keren possibly loves NY more

Saved by Keren Eldad
Hints for startups

Hints for startups

Planning to launch your own company? Check out this growing collection of hints for Startups

Saved by Toni Birrer

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    쇼핑 리스트

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  • A recruiter interviewing a businessman


    Easier recruitment with Memonic

    효율적 고객 & 시장 분석

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