Why You Should Become a Vegetarian?


There were no available vitamins for liver yet in the past. No supplements for longevity of life could be bought in the market, yet people in the past lived longer than modern people. What was their secret then?

Ask your great grandparents and other old folks. They would give you one same reason why they live long. They went for veggies.

This is not to say that vitamins and supplements out in the market are not helpful and safe. They are actually nice to be part of your healthy lifestyle. So don't think that you are just wasting your money if you purchase ant-aging products or other food supplements. But if you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian, nothing would be lost as well. In fact, there are many good reasons if you make the switch from meaty loving individual into vegetarian.

If you are ready to save money, lose weight and make the dietary transformation, go for the switch.

Aside to have a lower body mass index because of eating fewer calories, vegetarians are found to have resting metabolism that is so high. Vegetarians so easily burn calories compared to non-vegetarians because of their daily routine. Weight loss is not a problem to them so they don't need to include weight loss in their New Year's Resolution.

Eating healthy foods especially vegetables does not need to be costly. Because of the popular belief that going vegetarian is costly, many are discouraged to do the switch. Vegetarian diets actually help you save money. There was a study published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition showing how a vegetarian meal plan is cheaper than a meat meal plan. The saving went up to seven hundred fifty dollars every year. If you make a total of these savings, you will save up to thousands of dollars over a lifetime. After all, everyone wants extra money inside one’s wallet.

Not unless you know pterostilbene benefits, eating processed meats often can cause you to have colorectal cancer. Pterostilbene supplement is an anti-oxidant that fights cancer causing cells. But if your goal is to save money, buying such type of supplement really needs a budget. It is better to pursue your desire to become a whole-hearted vegetarian and totally cut down your meat intake. Just for your information and not to degrade meat business, the World Health Organization had released a denouncement on several processed meat products such as bacon, hot dogs, ham and sausages. These processed meats were labeled under Group one carcinogen in which has same category with cigarette smoking. Red meats were found to be carcinogenic to humans and have a high-causing effect of colorectal cancer. Reduce the lifetime risk of getting cancer by going vegetarian.

From the mouth of the old and from the reasons presented here, hope you see the link between life longevity and being "veggie." Vegetarian diets are really healthy than any meaty alternatives you think. Why not jump on this veggie train and do this best decision switch.