Picking Apt and Spirited Party Dresses for Juniors


Is it your daughter's first real party as a teen? You must all be agog about it. Restrain your enthusiasm lest it will make her too conscious. Definitely, both of you are dying to go shopping for party dresses for juniors that will make her standout in that party. Just what could be the great selections for her?


Girls in this age group may tend to be wary about the fashion sense of their moms being generations apart. If she trusts your sense of fashion, then she might even have you for a model. If she thinks she has a different taste but respects and acknowledges that you hold the purse, then she might agree that you tag along when she goes to shops looking at party dresses for juniors. How do you help your daughter without appearing too condescending?

For one thing, tell her where she could get cheap fall dresses, especially if you're sharing the cost of the dress. That would make her feel better, since you took into consideration the fact that she would partly be spending her own money for the dress.

Next, advise her to consider online boutique dresses. There are many online stores offering signature labels that your daughter may be interested in. What's more, online stores offer huge discounts and plenty of options.

Here are other ideas you may want to explore:


It is good to talk about plans like design, fabric, length, color, and price range to narrow down choices. Checking out the Internet can give many ideas like sales and discounts of the season, the styles in fashion and handy tips in selecting party dresses for juniors. Your daughter may find it hard to accept suggestions but actually reading it over the Internet gives the appeal of trend. Focus on tips concerning height, figure, and skin color. It would even be a good idea to look at trend reports to see what's in and what's out as far as the current fashion is concerned.

Short and a bit on the plump side may create an illusion of height and lightness by using darker tones and soft sweeping fabric like chiffon, silk and georgette. Choosing styles with straight lines and sleek cut can create an illusion of height and slimness. Do not use heavy accessories and chunky footwear. Choose slim high heels and plush clutches that match the part dresses juniors.

If tall and legs seem to run on an on, highlight these by going for the waist to create an hourglass sexiness. This will break the monotony of length. Tiered, A-line, empire-cut, mermaid cut and sheath style will look fabulous on tall girls. Long or short dresses will work just as fine. Use colored sandals with heels and straps to balance height.

Today's trends aren't too "overwhelming" so there's a big chance you won't blow each other's heads off when discussing the dress she should get. Junior girls can get away with many styles being vibrant and young. Show off your shoulders. Get bold with colors to make up for subdued designs. Accessorize liberally, and don't forget, have fun!