Unbelievable Facts About Singing in the Bathroom


Have you ever wonder why you sound beautiful when singing inside the bathroom? Do you like singing better inside the bathroom than singing outside? Are you one of those people who admit to their selves as bathroom singers?

Bathroom singers are ironically referred to people who are amateurs or mediocre singers. But who cares? Everyone had their debut in bathrooms, even those who are professional singers. Moreover, this habit is one of the reasons why there are several recording studios who have developed this kind of trick.

So, why does singing in the bathroom create an unbelievable sound?

Simple, since most of the bathrooms are made up of hard wall surfaces like tiles, creates an aurally beautiful acoustic surroundings. Also, tiles create multiple reflections of the enriched sound of the voice. Additionally, with a small spaced four walled room, it is typical that it produces standing waves, echoes, and reverberation that enable one's voice "depth and fullness".

However, what makes it more inviting are the following reasons:

·         You can sing as like no one can hear you. You can express your feelings through music and be loud as much as you want. You can even add portable shower speakers to make your singing lively and fun. You do not have to worry about any electrical threat since there is best waterproof shower speaker available and made just for you.

·         You sound better than anywhere else. Again, with the presence of reverberation and echo, it makes you sound like a pro.

·         Listening to music can never be that fun since you are able to control your feelings and emotion through singing while bathing. Apart from that, singing in the bathroom is like your freedom since no one dares to discourage you when you are singing in the bathroom.

·         No one dares to criticize you. Since you are dealing only with yourself when inside the bathroom, singing your hearts out and singing off tune is freely done; it is your bathroom anyway so, you should enjoy singing.

·         You own the stage. Admit it, when you are singing your best shower songs, you try to imagine a stage where you are rocking the entire dome or arena with your awesomeness in singing. All you need to have to is your imagination and with a little sprinkle of genuine fun; like adding shower speakers to make it more real.

·         Lastly, singing in the bathroom lets you practice your vocals from the lowest range to the highest range and listen to it effectively without asking a professional singer.

Bathroom singing is common to everyone who loves to sing and music. And what it makes even more inviting is that you are able to express your all out feelings using your picked song. Singing inside the bathroom is genuinely fun.

Again, since time immemorial, singing is another way to heal your broken heart. So, if you are likely to sing the saddest or happiest song, why not practice it for some time at your bathroom? Again, even professional singers are also once a "bathroom singers".