Keeping Your Seniors Safe


As you grow old, your home seems to become less accommodating. Obviously, your house stays the same but your system just tends to become slower over time. Suddenly, you noticed that your toilet is too low and your cabinets are beyond your reach. And things get even worse with the presence of lose rugs on steps. Moving around your house seems so hard especially if you have arthritis and stiff joints.

The common house we know of turns out to inadequate to our aging folks. Things need to be added to lessen your senior's vulnerability to falls and accidents.


If a proper home set-up is made, it will increase the confidence of your seniors since they will worry less about tripping and falling. You can also equip them with medical alert systems that will serve well during times of emergency. And because your loved one’s health matters, you don't just make sure that they are getting proper nutrition source but must also make sure that aid will be available to help them especially when you are not around. After all, it may not be enough to apply tourniquet when they bleed due to fall but they will need to be brought to the hospital for further assessment and treatment.

Below are some tips to make your home a safe place for your seniors to live:

Switch to lever handles

Remember that seniors have stiff fingers due to arthritis. It helps to allow them to use the entire hands instead of fingers. Hence, better change the handles of your faucets and door knobs to lever handles.

Install curbless showers

This saves the senior from stepping up and over. It is best to provide a shower chair for the seniors, allowing them to sit while showering. A handheld shower will do the trick since they can easily manipulate it while bathing.

Raise the toilet

A new loo will give them a sign of relief when they think that the toilet is too low for them. This happens since the extensor muscle (a muscle that is responsible for straightening your knees), tend to weaken as you age, Hence, getting up becomes a challenge.

Flat surfaces for countertops

It is best to ensure that your kitchen cooktop and countertops are designed with flat surfaces. This way, it will be very easy to clean them. But more than that, seniors will no longer need to lift kitchen utensils but simply slide them. It will also help to choose dark colors for your countertops, darker than the paint of your cabinets. Contrasting hue will help seniors see what they are doing.

Drawers must be low

Obviously, you don't want your seniors to tiptoe just to reach high cabinets since this makes them vulnerable to falls. Why not install lower drawers instead so they wouldn't need to reach high.



There are more things you can do to keep your seniors safe, especially when they are alone at home most of the time. And don't forget to let them wear a medical alert device so you will be prompted if something happens to them. It will also give them the advantage of getting help in an instant.