Safety Razor: The Perfect Tool for Shaving Among Beginners


It is a daily routine for men to shave their beard for grooming. Letting yourself grow bushes of hair around your face is not a good view to see especially if you are working in a corporate world. As a working individual, it is significant that you practice proper hygiene and appear pleasing to the eyes of your clients and boss. Thus, growing beard is not the best option if you want to alter your image.

Experiencing hair growth is a sign that a young boy is reaching the pinnacle of his puberty. However, having hair growth in different parts of the body is quite a nuisance for adolescents. Although they might feel manly at first, with each day passing by, you have to maintain your hair or else you will appear like a man who never knows a razor exist. You can go to a barber shop to shave you growing hair, or you can opt shaving your neck in your own by using a razor.

There are two types of razor, the straight razor and safety razor.

Straight razor

The straight razor has a long straight blade with a handle. This type of razor can be folded when not in use to make it safe when transporting. Straight razors are the ones you see in a barbershop. It is quite difficult to handle especially when you are new to using a razor. You can cut yourself if you have no idea on how to work with a straight razor.

Albeit, straight razor does not fit for beginners, it is the best when it comes to convenience and use. You do not have to buy new ones after a few days of using this razor. All you need is to maintain its sharpness after every use. You can learn how to keep its features by researching or asking the help of a professional. Thus, if you want to save more money, straight razors are the best option.

Safety razor

You can tell alone by its name that safety razors are meant for beginners. This type of razor has a sturdy head and single blade. A safety razor is fit for all beginners and those who do not know how to handle the sharp blade of straight razors. It is easy to propel even you are shaving in curve areas like your neck. However, with safety razors, you have to change its blade once it turns blunt constantly. It is much cheaper rather than straight razors, but you have to spend more money for blade replacements.

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