Last-Minute Ordering of Custom Flash Drives in Bulk


It is a known fact that custom flash memory drives, also called flash drives and USBs, are becoming great tools in marketing, advertising, and promoting products and services. Such is applicable not just for businesses but also for government agencies, organizations, and churches. The reason why most individuals running the above-mentioned institutions choose USBs as their promotional materials is the fact that majority of the public are already using such. As an overview, USBs are used to store, transfer, and backup important data or files like documents, pictures, and videos. Thus, the products with the institutions' logos or names are commonly distributed during private and social events, as well as during openings, sales, and the likes.


With such in regard, a company under the name CF Gear was established in order to provide such institutions with quality, affordable, and custom flash drives. As a brief history, the company has been around for almost 15 years. It has worked with several companies like Ford, Holiday Inn, 3M, and American Airlines. As per its important details, it has a main headquarter that is located in South Dakota, USA. It also implements and follows strict privacy policies to ensure the security of its client's information. Likewise, the company also gives a one-year warranty to all its clients. Although the order is by bulk, even if one USB is not functioning properly, it will be replaced. On another note, the problem with ordering customized items is that customers should give the company ample time so that such can be produced properly. However, such is not the case with the above-mentioned company.

With several years in the industry, the company has already noticed the need to provide rush services. That is due to the fact that most clients often make last-minute decisions. They either decide to add more customized USBs or such move has just been approved. No matter what the reason may be, the above-mentioned company had found a great solution. The thing is that the company has created it's own rush collection of flash drives that have different colors and sizes. The collection has been called by the company as readySHIPCFgear USB drives. Such are kept and distributed in the company's secure and well-maintained warehouses that are located in three different continents. The above-mentioned items have also been placed in an online catalogue. Thus, the client who is in the rush will just browse the entire catalogue and choose the USB that he or she wants.

After the selection process, the experts of the company will then add the client's requested customizations. Such may include imprinting or laser-etching colored or black-and-white logos or names, as well as preloading the USB drives. What is better is that the company assures that the items produced in a rush manner still have the same quality as the ones made in a regular manner. When it comes to the shipment of the rush custom USBs, orders placed and finalized before 5PM CST are shipped on the same day it was ordered. For individuals who are interested with the company's rush services can know more about such by visiting it's website.