Securing Digital Documents and Files


The use of paper for recording assorted transactions has been used since time immemorial. For two contracting parties who have agreed to the terms of their transactions, putting everything on paper or in writing is a good way to seal their contract and to make them binding on both agreeable parties. The world is full of these types of people every moment and on every transaction, especially in the business world. This is the reason why as time goes by more and more paper are sealed and archived for future use in cases there are conflicts and problems, either party can just access the records for information that they need to resolve in such cases.


The archiving of this paper-based document is already an old practice. Here, the documents are indexed and placed in boxes and shelves that are safe from external harm. Most companies put up rooms to store their transactions and keep them there for decades so that just in case there is a need to access them, they can easily do so. That is at least what has been happening for the paper-based system.

Today, with the introduction of the digitalization of documents, that is the conversion of paper-based documents to their digital form and the need for a big room to store hard copies of transactions are decreased. Files such as receipts, correspondences, letters, mail, documents, photos, videos, and the like can already be converted to their digital form using a scanner. This reduces significantly the requirement for a storage room to hold these types of files. A certain computer that can function and stand at a small corner of the office to hold billions of data can be used instead of a big room.

When it comes to the security of these documents; the old way is to padlock the entrance of the room and assign a person to hold the key so that control for peoples who will have an authorized access to the contents of this room is limited. Only the key holder has the right to go inside.

This is especially true as well for digital data and digitized files. Each file can be protected by a password that will ensure that only the owner of the document or file can actually open the digital document. If others got a hold of the files and tried to open them without knowing the password, then they will definitely fail. There are even digital files that have an added level of security through the use of encryption. The encryption alters the coding of each data files in a way that if a different computer tries to open that certain file, the unauthorized user will only see garbage. The only way to open these types of files is to know the password as well the encryption code.

To know more about the different encryption systems and passwords, you can make a simple search.

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