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Minetta Tavern was opened in Greenwich Village in 1937. The Tavern was named after the Minetta Brook, which ran southwest from 23rd Street to the Hudson River.

Over the course of its long history, the Tavern was frequented by various layabouts and hangers-on including Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Eugene O'Neill, E. E. Cummings, Dylan Thomas, and Joe Gould, as well as by various writers, poets, and pugilists.

Keith McNally, Lee Hanson, and Riad Nasr have worked together since 1997 on three restaurants: Balthazar, Pastis and Schiller's. In March 2008 they became partners in Minetta Tavern. Luckily they are still talking.

Since its renovation, Minetta Tavern has best been described as "Parisian steakhouse meets classic New York City tavern."

We hope — and believe — that's a somewhat accurate description of the place.