The Boom Boom Room, New York


The Boom Boom Room, New York

Boom Boom Room, The


Boom Boom Room - If you're lucky enough to find yourself up there, the Standard Hotel's gorgeously refurbished top floors are now home to a bar, a cocktail lounge, a hot tub and a rooftop lounge. The décor is sleek, black and shiny on the hot tub and bar side; plush, gold and champagne-colored on the cocktail lounge side; and obscenely airy throughout, with floor-to-ceiling windows and sections of transparent flooring looking down the hotel's 18 flights. Lots of sunlight in the day, lots of sexy skyline at night. Basically just thoroughly fancy and jealousy-inducing from top to bottom.

Name: The Boom Boom Room
Address: 848 Washington St
City, State: New York, NY
Zip: 10014
Telephone: 212-645-4646