Phil Devin Consultants: Committed to giving you a trustworthy real estate service


Since its foundation, Phil Devin Real Estate has been committed to providing a genuine and a better real estate service to different people around Australia. It’s no surprise that this small-boutique agency environment gained the trust of many individuals searching for that professional real estate help. It is also renowned for its responsive, detailed, and personalized service.

Look forward to a positive result once you decided to work personally with Phil Devin. He will not be included in one of the most trusted real estate professionals in their area if he does not provide the service each client deserves. He is also involved in a lot of successful projects from his many years of real estate service, and meeting the needs of his clients is his primary goal.

Phil is meticulous in doing his job wherein he will not let a single detail pass without rechecking it since he is dedicated to accuracy to ensure a quality result. Phil can also develop the right solution for you based on his honest judgment on your real estate needs. Witness his never-ending commitment to give you the results you are hoping for.

You can be confident with Phil’s extensive experience in real estate and his reliable knowledge, and expect him to properly guide you throughout the entire process. He blends professionalism and approachability very well when he’s discussing things with his clients. You will also find clients’ reviews about him full of praise and even recommending him to their family and friends.

With all those said above, it is evident that Phil already has a firm foundation in real estate and you can be sure of his smart ways. But he does not stop learning because, for him, continuous learning is indispensable.

Phil Devin Consultants is founded because Phil wanted to provide his “better service and better results” to more people and extend his reach. The agency will continue its growth while giving its real estate service to many people in Australia.

If you visit its official website, you will see a lot of features that could help you in your real estate concern since it allows users to request an appraisal, search for properties for rent or has been sold, fill-up a tenancy application, or even request maintenance. Inquire about the services of Phil Devin Real Estate today and learn more about its successful background.

Speak to anyone who has experienced the PROCESS of buying or selling Real Estate and often their findings are a combination of stress, disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of my many goals is to ensure your next move is a positive one.

I started Phil Devin Real Estate with one simple mission:  "To deliver RESULTS that exceed our clients EXPECTATIONS". 

What does this mean for you?

·         I know you're busy and I respect your time. When we set an appointment and I’ll be there.

·         When I say something can be done…you can count on it.

·         I don't try to snow people or hide information. I'm all about disclosure.

·         I’m not in it for any one transaction - I’m in it for the long haul…the lifelong relationships.

·         That means I’ll work to get the result you deserve.

Ultimately when you buy or sell with me, it comes down to your decision, what's right for you. My goal is to make sure you have enough information to make a decision you can be happy with down the track. When you choose me to help you buy or sell your home you can count on responsive, quality, comprehensive and personalized service.

"Disappointment is the difference between what a client EXPECTS and what the Agent DELIVERS"

I know that my clients are craving to deal with a 'professional' who can 'listen' to their individual wants and needs and provide solutions for them!

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Island Hotels: CRUISING


Exploring Galveston Island is a natural addition to a cruise vacation. With major cruise lines offering multiple Caribbean cruises from Galveston, many vacationers enjoy excursions on Galveston Island before or after their voyage.

From the decks of the cruise ships, passengers can easily see the charming Historic Downtown District just one block from the cruise ship terminals on Harborside Drive. The 36-block district offers more than 100 shops, restaurants and galleries housed in beautiful Victorian iron-front buildings. The area is also home to the Texas Seaport Museum, 1877 Tall Ship ELISSA, Great Storm Theater, the Ocean Star Oil Rig Museum, the interactive museum Pirates! Legends of the Gulf Coast, harbor boat dolphin tours, and more.

Also, a number of lodging accommodations on the Island offer parking and transfer packages with an overnight stay, so guests can leave their car at the hotel and catch a ride to the cruise ship terminal. It’s no wonder Lloyd’s Cruise International and Travel Weekly have rated the Port of Galveston as one of the nation’s top cruise ports. Don’t just pass through Galveston, experience its many pleasures!

Money - or the Lack of It!

What’s the first thing that happens to your cash in Vegas? It’s converted into those cute little easy-to-spend “chips” or slot machine “tokens – hey – “play money” right?

Missing the Boat

To the many readers who have asked “will the ship leave without me?” - The answer is a definitive YOU BETCHA!

#LoveGalveston Photo Contest - A Chance to Win Cash, and Be the Face of Galveston

There’s nothing like spending “island time” with your family, taking in the Galveston coast while making memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. While your memories may be priceless, capturing them in a photograph could lead to some extra bonuses.

Debarkal Debacle

I have no idea why passengers think that if they’re the first in line they’ll be the first off the ship. THERE IS A SYSTEM TO DEBARKATION!!!!

The Port of Galveston Continues to Make History on Galveston Island

The next time you pass by the bustling docks and wharfs of the Port of Galveston, take a moment to let the history and impact of the facility sink in.

Embarkation Exhaustion!

Have you noticed that on embarkation day – after arriving at the terminal and winding your way through check-in - and finally boarding your ship that you’re exhausted? Read more.


Princess Cruise Lines was recently hit with a 40 MILLION DOLLAR fine after pleading guilty to seven federal charges in a pollution case that involved use of a so-called “magic pipe” to divert oily waste (and who knows what else) into the oceans.

The F Word

Warm days – cool nights! The perfect recipe for the “F” word – FOG!

Carnival Liberty Switches with Carnival Valor

Galveston welcomes the Carnival Valor

Take to the Waves - It's Wave Season!

If you’re thinking of nice warm sunshiny islands about’s the time to book that cruise for 2017! The “Wave” Season is here!

Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing Review Singapore Hope you experience this “causeway cure” where flip-flops replace dress shoes and the scenery.

Join a group thrilled you have decided to explore Galveston Island.


Cyber Security: Protecting Seniors Online from Scams, Hacks and Tax Fraud


The vast majority of seniors today are using the Internet at least once a week to check email, pay bills online and keep in touch via social media. But all that time online puts them at risk for scams and hacks, such as tax fraud.

In fact, a new survey by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care network, found that 67 percent of surveyed older adults have been the victim of an online scam or hack.

Encouraging seniors to practice cyber security can go a long way toward protecting their identity and sensitive financial information. Home Instead collaborated with the National Cyber Security Alliance to create Protect Seniors Online, available at, a free resource that educates older adults about cybersecurity. Here, seniors can test their cybersecurity skills with the "Can You Spot an Online Scam?" quiz.

Older adults can take the following steps now to protect themselves online:

  • Password protect and secure devices, accounts. Lock all devices (including computers, tablets and smartphones) with secure passwords in case devices are lost or stolen.
  • Think before clicking. When faced with an urgent request -- like emails asking for money -- think before clicking or get a second opinion. Clicking on links is often how scammers get personal information. When in doubt, trash an unusual message.
  • Share with care. More than half (51 percent) of seniors surveyed by Home Instead use social media to stay connected. Use care when sharing personal information, adjust privacy settings to limit who can see your information, and turn off location sharing.
  • Use security software. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and program it to run regularly. And be wary of pop-up ads or emails, many of which contain malware that can infect computers.
  • Log out. Log out of apps and websites when you are finished. Leaving apps and websites open on computer screens could make you vulnerable to security and privacy risks.
  • Recommend support. Older adults who live alone may need help from a trusted source -- such as a family member, tech-savvy friend or professional caregiver --to serve as a second set of eyes.

Cyber Security: Calgary fraud cases jumps dramatically during grim economic year


Fraud crimes in Calgary during the first three quarters of 2016 were up nearly 28 per cent over the previous year, a spike that’s seen city police alter their approach to combating it.

Up until the end of last September, fraud-related crimes were up 27.6 per cent over the same period of 2015 and during that month last fall, increased by 59 per cent, say city police statistics.

During that period of 2016, police cleared 30.7 per cent of those cases.

Those numbers come at a time when Calgarians’ finances are still reeling from a recession amid a prolonged oil and gas slump.

There’s been a definite increase in fraud crime in the city, driven largely by Internet-based scams, said Staff Sgt. Cory Dayley, head of the city police cyber forensics unit.

“Absolutely it’s increasing — it’s a very easy message for someone to get out to a large number of victims, put a fish hook out and see how people respond,” he said.

“It’s a very lucrative platform to pursue their criminal ways.”

Because of that, Calgary police last fall merged its 12-officer cyber investigation unit into its integrated fraud team.

“It’s so we have a much more in-depth response to people victimized online,” said Dayley.

“We want to know what that landscape is.”

Another reason for the ballooning number of fraud offences is the greater willingness of victims to come forward and the CPS’s improved reporting system.

Police have also spent more resources publicizing the problem, partly through more charges profiled by the media, he added.

“We’re trying to really get out there, get people to be aware, to be their own best line of defence,” said Dayley.

“People have got to protect their own information, watch their bank accounts.”

Walk @ East Coast Park by New Mothers Support Group


Whether you are pregnant or have little ones, join the NMSG's brand new Walk in the East Coast Park.

We will meet up in in the sitting area near Parkland Green's Starbucks for a 25 brisk walk towards the Lagoon and then head back to Parkland Green for a drink and chat at Starbucks.

This walk is a great way to meet other mums and mums to be as well as to do some exercise out in the open.

Leave the heels at home and dig out those trainers for a fit 50 minute walk followed by a drink and chat at Starbucks.

Don't forget you’re mozzie repellent!​

Check the NMSG Meetup Group for further details and to express interest in attending this month's Walk@East Coast Park


At 9.30am on the first Monday of every month

Dates 2016

4 July

1 August

5 September

3 October

7 November

5 December


Meet at sitting area behind Parkland Green's Starbucks


Daphne Kemp

Hawkfield Gallery Consultants Review: Thriving Classic American Art on Display


What is Art? The question has often been asked by many people. And the answer can be as many as the people who can give an answer. For the art collector, the answer is quite obvious: that which you can buy at an art gallery. And that answer can have a logic that many will learn to appreciate.

Firstly, galleries have the artistic, technical and economic capabilities to know or define what good art is --- not just art but that which is above the rest, if not at the very top of all the rest. But not many people can afford highly-expensive works, or even reasonably priced ones. If one can buy and treasure a couple of art works for the rest of one’s life, it would be enough. But a few dream of collecting more -- and even making some money out of doing so.

Hawkfield Gallery fine arts consultants have the broad experience of buying and selling art and in the process have gained the expertise to help other start their own collection or enhance what they already have. Very much like children collecting cards, art collecting is a passion that is shared by those who love art and wish to expand appreciation for great art works. 

Beyond appreciating art as a whole, Hawfield Gallery art consultants have the goal of enhancing appreciation for folk art and preserving American culture and history contained in those art works. Art, to be honest, is a living legacy which expands the mind and the soul of those who have insight into art’s power to enlighten us of the greatness and goodness of life of whatever era in American history it might portray. Although some art subject matters may exhibit the pains and struggles of ancestors, they still highlight the positive virtues that have made their country what it is today, a leader among leaders in the world.

The Hawkfield Gallery is located on a picturesque scenic route in a shore town halfway between Boston and Cape Cod, itself a witness to the colorful history of the nation. It is housed in an 1850's farmhouse and exactly where there used to be a tearoom, craft shop and lending library in the 1920's. The farmhouse is located in an area beside the historic North River and was once operated as a dairy farm up to the 1960’s. Visitors can take a leisurely a walk along bucolic woodland trails which lead to a pier on the river. Or they can go beyond to one of the numerous antique shops, galleries or historic sites in the South Shore's Plymouth County. Now you know how rich the place is when it comes to American pioneer history.

Owning one art work bought from Hawkfield Gallery is, in essence, a tribute to the continuing allegiance that Americans have for their rich national heritage. And buying one right at their gallery right can certainly add a little more fervor to that burning flame in every patriotic American citizen. Nevertheless, you need not be an American to feel like one and to appreciate or own American folk art. You just need to be a lover of art.

BGC Partners Limited Tokyo: CHARITY DAY



Every year on September 11th, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, we remember our 658 friends and colleagues and the 61 Eurobrokers employees who were tragically killed by distributing 100% of our global revenues to the Relief Fund and many other charities around the world.

BGC Partners and Cantor Fitzgerald, in conjunction with the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, commemorate our 658 friends and colleagues and 61 Eurobrokers employees, who perished on September 11, 2001 by distributing 100% of our global revenues on Charity Day to the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund and dozens of charities around the world.

Since its inception, Charity Day has raised approximately $125 million globally. Each anniversary is a poignant occasion for us. Charity Day is our way of turning a tragic day into one that is positive and uplifting by helping others.

Charity Day 2015 was held on Friday, September 11, 2015 and raised approximately $12 million.

Charity Day 2016 will take place on Monday, September 12, 2016. To apply for Charity Day 2016 in NYC, email and request an application.

Cambridge Associates: How can we align our social values with our investing strategy?


Whether you’re a charitable foundation looking to have a direct impact on community programs or a family eager to make investments that align with your personal priorities, you need to consider a few things. How will you define success? What impact will these investments have on the overall risk/return profile of your portfolio? How can you measure the non-financial accomplishments of these investments? Will there be additional resources or Committee time to address MRI-related issues?

Our MRI team of 25 professionals provides research and services that encompass a broad range of strategies, such as positive and negative portfolio screening, microfinance, clean energy and technology, community investments, real assets, bespoke and illiquid impact investments, and program-related investments. And our databases track more than 450 funds that meet various MRI criteria.

We’re spearheading MRI manager due diligence and analysis, creating an infrastructure for the inclusion of MRI managers in our proprietary databases, and publishing research on a variety of MRI topics. Whether you are debating the topic for the first time or you have already adopted a commitment to MRI, we can help you navigate the many policy questions and investment decisions you need to make.

International Financial Corporation Securities Regulatory Commission World Bank Group on Changing the Energy Landscape in Central America


Central American residents pay nearly twice as much to keep their lights on as do their neighbors in South America. The high energy costs hurt the region’s businesses and its residents, hampering job creation and making it harder for people to improve their lives.

Soaring electricity rates have long burdened Central America, as the region is highly dependent on imported fossil fuel and at the mercy of fluctuating oil prices. At the same time, rising demand is putting pressure on the region to expand its capacity to generate electricity. It is crucial that the region develop alternate power sources to lower costs, ease the reliance on fuel imports, and reduce carbon emissions.

To tackle this challenge, IFC has supported private sector developers and financed a series of projects in the region—building on our decades of experience in supporting electricity generation, transmission, and distribution upgrades in developing countries.

The latest one is AES Colón—Central America’s first integrated plant that generates power from liquefied natural gas. In July, we completed a $150 million financing package for the construction and operation of the 380-megawatt plant, which will help mitigate the risk of electricity shortages while introducing a clean, cost-effective, and reliable energy source


Natural gas—a cheaper and cleaner alternative to fossil fuels—holds great potential as a source of energy in Central America. The region currently relies on heavy fuel oil and diesel for over 40 percent of its installed generation capacity.

Over the past decade, Central America struggled to get natural gas projects off the ground. These plants demand large investment, and the energy markets in the region were not big enough to attract investors. As a whole, Central America has roughly the same capacity to generate electricity as Colombia, further south.

IFC is helping to change that. Located on Panama’s Atlantic coast, AES Colón includes an onshore terminal where liquefied natural gas is regasified to feed the power plant. The facility is sponsored by AES Corporation and Panama-based Motta Group.

By its third year of operation, AES Colón is expected to generate 2,100 gigawatt hours of power which would otherwise be produced using heavy fuel and diesel. This will represent a reduction of about 1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year—the equivalent of taking more than 200,000 cars off the road. Once operational, the project is expected to reduce Panama’s carbon dioxide emissions by about 4 percent.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, natural gas complements renewable energy by ensuring a steady supply of clean power that is able to balance the inherent variability of wind and solar energy.


Since 2010, IFC has supported the implementation of over 900 MW of new renewable energy capacity in Central America, including 215 MW of wind and 215 megawatt-peak of solar photovoltaic projects, helping offset a slowdown in the construction of hydropower projects in the region.

In Panama, we have provided a $300 million financing package for the Penonome wind power plant, the largest wind farm in Central America. The project is expected to generate the equivalent to 5 percent of the country’s total energy demand. In Honduras, we have recently supported three of the first large-scale grid-connected solar projects in the country.

In Costa Rica, the Reventazón 305-MW hydropower plant we are supporting will bring light to half a million homes. In recent years, we have also financed a 72-MW geothermal plant in Nicaragua and 123 MW of run-of-the-river hydroelectricity projects in Panama and Honduras—where little or no water storage is necessary.

From Panama to Costa Rica through Nicaragua and on to Honduras, new renewable and clean-energy projects are helping transform Central America’s energy landscape and demonstrate that the region can develop the power infrastructure it needs to grow sustainably.

Human Capital Alliance: Professionals Service Providers Lay Stress on Stronger Relationships


Editor: In 2004, Edwin Sim established Human Capital Alliance, Thailand’s  Premier Executive Search & Senior Advisory Firm. Between 1997-2003, Edwin Sim was Managing Partner of Korn Ferry Thailand.  This article was first published by the Nation in July 2001.

K I Woo looks at how transaction-oriented professional service providers are shifting their focus to building client relationships.

Coming out of the financial crisis, Asia ’s multinational professional service providers are changing their strategic focus.

During the economic boom, major international law, accounting, architectural and engineering, management consulting and executive recruitment firms only had to sit in their offices while their phones rang off the hook. They spent most of their time deciding which potential clients to call back.

As the crisis tightly gripped the country, many professional service providers switched gears and became restructuring specialists. Forced to restructure or go out of business, clients continued to run to them. Business for professional service providers continued to boom during the crisis. They ainly focused on handling short engagements as their clients fought to use their services.

Today, as the crisis winds down, many multinational service providers operating in the region are again switching gears. Although many major consulting firms have cut back their restructuring operations and sent scores of foreign specialists home, other firms are expanding in Thailand by finding growing niche markets such as systems formulation, implementation and integration.

However, most professional service providers are in a state of flux.

During the past eight years, the booming US economy acted as the world’s growth engine. Today, with the US and European economic experiencing slowdowns, and the Japanese economy continuing to slumber, there are few external factors to drive small regional economies.

Closer to home, professional service providers are forced to adjust their operations as their clients prepare for an uncertain economic environment. During the boom times and the recent critical restructuring period, many large companies routinely hired professional service providers on a contractual basis when they needed them. If the firms wanted a specific problem studied and rectified, they would call in a professional service provider.

Today, major multinational companies as well as Thai companies are no longer satisfied with this type of arrangement. “These companies are now demanding a higher level of service,” said Edwin Sim, managing director and country manager Korn Ferry Thailand .

Major Thai companies that have virtually completed their restructuring processes are now looking at how they can best implement their new strategies and visions during this time of uncertainty, Sim said. “They are now demanding that service providers give them continuous consultative services.”

Companies that managed to survive the economic crisis are no longer comfortable calling service providers just to handle emergencies. “In a more uncertain economy, no CEO wants to fight unnecessary fires, which can be prevented with solid strategic planning and incisive policy implementation,” he said.

For the previously transaction-oriented service providers, the adjustment from transaction-based services to relationship-based services will mean new challenges. However, service providers such as lawyers, accountants, executive recruiters and other management consultants can invariably create a win-win situation for themselves as well as their clients.

In the long run, the service providers will be able to spread client acquisition costs over a customer base that uses more of their products and services. Clients benefit because they experience a more hands-on partnership with their trusted service providers. Rather than fighting fires when problems arise, the service providers are constantly available because under a retainer, they are continuously advising senior management during critical strategic policy formulation and implementation activities.

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