MRI Says: Apple ≈ Religion


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You turn your home into a Apple shrine


You know it's bad when you; -



Turn your home into a Apple shrine




Play with Apple Lego-esque toys


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Show your love for Apple via your set of wheels

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Neurologists: Apple is like a religion


Neurologists: Apple is like a religion

UK neuroscientists have found that Apple imagery activates the same parts of the brain in Apple fanboys that religious imagery does in followers of that religion. In heated arguments on the Internet, some users sometimes say that Apple is like a cult, and it seems there might be at least some truth to that.

A recent BBC TV documentary, Secrets of the Superbrands, looked at why technology brands have become so popular. The first episode was focused on Apple, but it will move on to other companies, like Twitter, Facebook, and possibly even Microsoft and Google.

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Apple is the opiate of the masses...


A wise communist once said that 'religion was the opiate of the masses'. Fortunately, nowadays we have Apple and Steve 'Messiah' Jobs, the man that revolutionised a dead horse, by painting it silver and and making it look 'oooooh'