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What makes a classic? In education the classics tend to be maths, writing, Latin and Greek; in music it’s a piece of work following long-established principles and usually refers to music written in the European tradition. What about cars though? There are plenty of fans of classic cars but what makes someone look at a ton of shaped metal powered by a controlled explosion and long-dead life forms and think ‘that’s a classic’?

The number 1 classic car in the UK

At number one by a considerable margin is the Austin Mini (22,956 quotes), typically referred to just as ‘the Mini’. The original Mini is arguably one of the most iconic cars in automotive history and surely one of the most recognisable vehicles on the globe. Small, relatively cheap to buy when new (who knows now it’s a classic) and undeniably fun to drive, Mini’s have been popular cars since they were first built in the late 1950’s.