Why it is Sometimes Necessary to Sue a Medical Caregiver



Deciding to sue anyone is a tough decision - there are legal factors to consider, financial matters to think on, you may also have a number of ethical and social issue to consider. One of the hardest decisions to make when it comes to legal action involves medical malpractice. Doctors are highly skilled practitioners, but as we all know they're also human, which means that they can sometimes make mistakes; unfortunately on the rare occasions that this does happen it can often have far reaching and serious medical consequences...

If your doctor has been negligent or careless, and this has caused you complications or further injury, you are eligible to claim for compensation.

Most of the time when you are sick or injured, you can go to a doctor and they will be able to help repair your injury and treat you so that you return to full health. However, sometimes mistakes or negligence can happen and a physician can make an error or an oversight in your treatment. Unfortunately, little mistakes can cause huge health repercussions and can result in complications, infection, worsening of the original illness or injury and even death.

Approximately 30,000 people die in the UK every year as a result of medical errors, according to a study by the British Medical Journal. Here are some of the common medical errors that doctors have made:

•    Misdiagnosis: As many as one out of six patients in the UK have been misdiagnosed because their doctor was in a hurry and did not want to get a second opinion. This leads to an inappropriate treatment which could cause further damage, and also leaves the actual illness untreated.

•    Medication Errors: Many health care providers have mixed up the names of similar sounding drugs and prescribed the wrong one to their patients.

•    Infections: Thousands of people every year leave the hospital with more than they bargained for; an infection they caught during their stay.

•    Surgical Errors: Although these are the rarest cases, they are the most horrifying. There have been situations where surgical tools and gauze have been accidently left inside patient’s bodies, and where surgeons have completed the wrong operation (such as mixing up the left leg and the right leg.)

Why is It Sometimes Necessary to Sue a Medical Caregiver?

As we mentioned, deciding on whether or not to make a medical negligence claim can be a difficult decision, as there are a lot of factors to consider. The health of the patient is always going to a primary concern of anyone thinking of launching a medical malpractice suit. In worst case scenarios that patient may require life-long assistance and professional help, which can cost thousands of pounds a year. There is also the family of the patient to consider, the medical professionals involved, such as the doctors and nurses - the result of lawsuit may mean that they are barred from practising medicine for the foreseeable future.

If you have been affected by medical malpractice in any way, it is very important that you claim for compensation against your doctor. A Medical Malpractice lawsuit will help you get back the costs of the medical mistakes that your doctor should not have made if they were exercising reasonable care. You can also recoup lost money such as wages you lost for taking time off work when you were ill or injured.

Another important reason to sue for medical malpractice is so that the hospital is made aware of the problem. Keeping quiet will allow the doctors, surgeons and nurses to continue with their negligent habits and possibly hurt someone else in the future. By speaking up, you can help to improve the care provided by the health care facility.

If you feel like you have been the victim of medical malpractice, you should get legal advice right away. A malpractice lawsuit should be filed within two years of when the malpractice occurred. The quicker you act the better, because your witnesses will still be available and your memory of all of the details of the incident will be fresh.

It is unfortunate that negligence on the part of medical professionals can cause so much pain and inconvenience in the lives of their patients, but it is good to know that this does happen to you that you will be able to claim the compensation that you deserve.