Crime Should Not Pay


Life is no longer as simple as it used to be. Technology has revolutionized people's lives and the way they go about their day to day. Gone were those simpler days of playing kick the can and needing to go to a restaurant when you can simply deliver either online or using an app. It is concerning to think that this applies not only for people's private lives and in businesses. But this change is even found in criminal behavior and the way people commit fraud, steal and cause other people harm.


Crime prevention has become increasingly hard for law enforcement agencies when they deal with anonymous and sometimes untraceable transactions occurring online. Many agencies have found themselves dealing with much harder to solve crimes such as cyber terrorism and identity theft. It is a tricky affair to be at the receiving end of a hacker's or a scam artist's newest ploy to take people's money or simply to just harass others. Some technologically well-versed crooks can even easily hack bank accounts to steal people's savings in seconds. The despair of having the money a parent set aside for their child's educations is something that should be allowed. This is a concern for everyone since this is a very real threat that can happen to anyone. In the midst of this growing problem though is the other side of the spectrum when technology is used to crack down on criminals and abusers. This may be the beauty of technology that makes people still believe it can do the world good regardless of its other disadvantages. Technology is truly powerful and it is still ultimately hinged on the user how it is used.


It's not just law enforcement that uses technology for their operations, private citizens can also make use of it. People nowadays can personally safeguard their homes. They may opt to install cameras, driveway alarms and a security system to not only ease their mind but automatically alert the police if there's been a break in or a burglary. It pays to be prepared for the worst case scenario and by being aptly carefully and vigilant, people may even lessen the crime rate themselves.

To prevent security breaches with driveway alarms is good means to safeguard the family car. Many crooks are looking to steal any car they can possibly take advantage off for their parts or use in other crimes they might be planning. People can easily find this nifty device online in places such the driveway alarm superstore that provides these kits at affordable prices.


According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, security is people's foremost need that lay the foundation of their other needs to attain self-actualization and eventually truly achieve their happiness. There are just bad people out there who do not care if they end up hurting people and their important people for their own greed or satisfaction. Life may not be as simple as it used to be but some things do not change. Crime should not pay and sometimes it is up to people to pull it by the roots for removing opportunities eventually stop crime at its tracks.