Looking for the Best Mobility Scooters


Once you are already set to buy a mobility scooter for you or for someone, there is a certain set of criteria that you have to check first before ordering. One criterion is portability. It connotes the convenience of a scooter in terms of its mobility. It is light or heavy? Is it easy to assemble or not? Another criterion is how long can it go in terms of distance. It is important to consider the actual capacity of the scooter in terms of distance and charging ratio.

Weight capacity is another factor to consider. Since it is a vehicle, a person needs to ride on it, and basically, that person's weight really matters. Hence, the weight capacity of the mobility scooter is an important thing. What about comfort? Yes, actually, comfort is a significant criterion too since most people who use mobility scooters are the elderly and they seriously need comfort.

Speed and maneuverability are two things that are sometimes less considered since they part and parcel of a mobility aid, but actually, they are as equally important as the other criteria. We have sample reviews for your consideration. This is a short but helpful review of some brands and models of mobility scooters. All these considerations are necessary to meet the needs of a senior. Kindly, check the short list below.

1.    ShopriderSunrunner

This mobility scooter concentrates on the comfort of the rider. The price is just right as it gives enough comfort for an elderly person. If you worry about having to assemble the scooter, you don't have to. This model is already assembled so what you have to do is just to plug it in and let it charge. One of its features is the easy access to the seat. One can get on and off easily so it is perfect for an elderly. Since it capitalizes on comfort, the seat design actually keeps the user feel comfortable even if the terrain is rough.

2.    Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD Heavy Duty

From the model name itself, Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD is a heavy duty mobility scooter. It focuses on comfort and portability. You can easily dismantle and assemble this model so you can bring it anywhere. If you want to use it inside the house, you should not worry about tire marks since it does not make any.

3.    Pride Mobility Go-Go Heavy Duty S74

Pride Mobility S74 mobility scooter is ideal for elderly person who spend more time outdoors. With a sufficient tire size and good maneuverability you won't get worried about grandma using this model outside the house. It can traverse through grass or dirt but because of its bulky design, it might not be a good mobility aid inside the house.

4.    Drive Medical Scout Compact

This model provides several features for the price. A lightweight mobility scooter like this is a great choice. Besides being lightweight, it also offers great maneuverability even on rough terrains. It quick charge feature and decent range, anyone can actually run several errands. It is also known for being easy to disassemble and assemble to meet any portability need. Check for more information regarding the best rated mobility scooters online.