Mastering Spanish Language: Tips How to Conjugate Spanish Words Correctly


Being a multilingual person has countless of advantages. Opportunities will knock at your door and you will never run out of jobs to choose to from. Moreover, learning a language enhances your memory and cognitive abilities. Out of many people who want to try learning a different tongue aside from their language usually picks out Spanish. There are millions of Spanish speakers around the globe and there around twenty-six countries which speak the language. For this reason, Spanish is ranked as one of the most spoken language worldwide beside from English and Chinese.

Learning how to speak Spanish may take some time. Well, the language is too complicated and confusing with all the things you have to learn. In addition, if you make a mistake and used the wrong conjugation for that matter, the phrase or sentence you are saying might sound different to your audience. Yikes, imagine talking to a Spanish native speaker and making this mistake, you would not want to appear rude only because you have said the wrong phrase. All in all, there are around 18 Spanish verb tenses and moods that you have to understand. Each of these has varying subjunctive, indicative, past, present and future tense as well as imperative moods. It sounds like too many and difficult. Now, to help you learn how to speak Spanish and use the right conjugation, here is a list of useful tricks that can guide you.

·         Find a Spanish friend or a native speaker whom you can practice talking the language.

Communicating with a Spanish speaker means you can hear Spanish words pronunciation correctly and helps you to apply accurate conjugations. Moreover, if you are doing this frequently, finding the right words to say will come easily and smoothly.

·         Use a grammar book and learn.

Studying the language like reading from reliable references helps a lot. It gives you enough understanding about the language rather than hearing it alone.

·         Using other techniques like flash cards while learning is a good idea.

Aside from this, you can utilize other methods which you think is the easiest way for you to understand Spanish conjugation such as watching Spanish movies (with no subtitle) or listening to Spanish music.

·         Hire a teacher.

Today you can find several teachers online who can teach you to speak Spanish. Various online courses about the language are offered with different levels of degree. For example, BaseLang provides Spanish tutoring for all beginners and advanced students who want to learn more about the language. The BaseLang is an online site that encourages individuals to learn Spanish through their courses offered. This site is composed of professional teachers with expertise on the said language. Moreover, they only focus on teaching Spanish so you do not have to worry of hiring the wrong teachers. At BaseLang Spanish courses are offered in low prices. In fact, you can learn the language for free on your first trial! You can know more their offer right here on this site. Visit BaseLang today and learn more Spanish.