Everything You Need to Know About Pillows


For centuries, man has been using pillows to promote sleep. It serves as a support for the head while one is asleep so one's body can assume a neutral sleeping position. In the ancient times, people of Mesopotamia us stones and blocks as pillows. This was about 9,000 years ago. Early Egyptians use stones in supporting their head too. But more than the support, stone pillows are used to keep their ears, nose and mouth from crawling bugs at night. On the other hand, ancient Chinese used to employ ceramics, woods and stones for pillow. Japanese used stone pillow for another reason and this is to prevent from messing up their hairs.


Over time, materials used for pillows become more comfortable. For Romans and Greeks, the perfect bed pillow is made of reeds, feathers and straw. During the middle ages, at the time of King Henry VIII, pillows are only allowed to be used by pregnant mothers, aside from himself. The use of pillow at this time is considered as a taboo, since it signifies weakness, especially among men.

No matter how you look at it, history shows that man sleeps with a pillow to elevate one's head. Today, a lot of innovations are done to pillows to perfect it and help it serve its purpose best. But for a sleep specialist; Rubin Naiman, the use of pillows has something to do with the individual's comfort issue. While some use this for a good night sleep, others prefer not to have it. Many also use this to resolve gastroesphageal reflux issue. If you are in the process of buying one, follow what most buying guide articles say on purchasing pillows. Choose a pillow that does not trap heat. Normally, the body's temperature drops when you are sleeping and this contributes to a good sleep. That is why it is important that the pillow you use will not outgas chemicals as well.

The good news is; pillows are designed to cater to your personal preference. If you have problem on neck discomfort then using the best pillow for neck pain can be good for you. Back sleepers can now choose thin pillows to prevent throwing their head too far. Side sleepers can also buy thick pillows which helps fill the distance between one's shoulder and ear. Stomach sleepers can also buy flat and thin pillow that allows them to assume flat position while asleep without feeling body ache upon waking. This type of pillow will help you avoid getting lower back pain.

Indeed, pillows come in so many varieties. There are cervical pillows meant to support your neck. For those with hot flashes, you may opt for cool pillows. Anti-snore pillows are also available in stores that will help resolve your snoring problem. But then again, the best pillow is a personal choice that one has to make. No one can tell you what's best for you so you need to try the pillow yourself before buying it. If the store personnel allow you to use the pillow for 10 minutes before buying it then this will serve you much of the advantage.