PineCone Research: Is It Real or Is It a Scam?


PineCone Research stands as one of the best paying survey sites for 2017 together with Vindale Research, Harris Poll Online, Inbox Dollars and Global Test Market. It would be great if you already have accounts on these survey sites if you want to maximize your earnings through online sites. PineCone is a relatively new survey online, but it has already gained popularity in the market research arena. So, what is PineCone Research all about?

What is PineCone Research?

According to its website, PineCone Research is a survey website exclusive only to its panelists and is also a platform for product testing. Those who want to partake in the surveys need to qualify as a panelist for PineCone Research. This means you need to be invited by anyone in PineCone or you should be referred by those who are already in PineCone.

By far, PineCone is the most exclusive platform for paid online service and the most difficult to join. They have a very strict process and you have to have a good knowledge on product testing to qualify. Apparently, they can afford not to hire just about anyone because they are legit and they pay their panelists for their work.

PineCone Research Pros

Legit fast cash surveys, like PineCone Research is free and they don't require any fees and charges. What's even great is that they pay their panelists really well. Each survey will pay the panelists $3-$5, depending on the product and the survey taker's length of period as a panelist.

Another benefit in choosing PineCone Research is that they test out products that are yet to be introduced in the market. This means that panelists can have exclusive details and may even try out the product for free even beore the product is released in the market. Sometimes panelists will receive items to try out for a week before giving out their survey on the product. It is actually what makes PineCone a reliable platform for global test market review.

PineCone Research Cons

Perhaps you already have an idea about the cons of PineCone Research. Again, the process of choosing panelists is very strict and rigid and they only invite recruits to be their panelists. You may earn a stable income from PineCone, but it wouldn't be an easy job getting into PineCone as a panelist. Other than that, they also impose age and place limitation. In fact, you need to be 18 years old and above and based in US, UK or Canada to be able to qualify as a panelist.

Also, you can never be too confident that you will stay long as a panelist in case you have alread passed their requirements. PineCone Research still has the power and authority to remove you as a panelist based only upon their discretion. If one of the members of the household has already qualified as a panelist, then the rest of the household is prohibited or is disqualified to be a panelist for PineCone.