Memonic Review « Justin Outlaw


A while back I was contacted by an employee of Memonic about doing a review for them. I have checked them out and all I can say is, wow! Memonic basically lets you to take your notes and pictures with you where ever you are. You have access to all your notes through any computer with internet access, your personal computer (Mac & Windows), your iPhone, your iPad, and your Android device!

Memonic is very similar to Evernote, but after using Memonic for just a few minutes you will notice immediately how much more user friendly it is. I have been very impressed by the iPhone app and desktop client for Mac. I did download the Android app as well, but I do think the iPhone app looks a bit clearer. (Note: I am not sure if it is the android app or just the phone I am using that causes the difference in look) The program is great for people who are OCD about organizing things in folders and tagging notes. You can type up a quick note about something on your phone, sync it wirelessly, and go home later and pull up that same note on your computer.

If you want the complete Memonic experience you need to download their clipper tool. You install it on your web browser and anytime you see something you want to be able to access quickly offline; just click the Memonic “M” button and it opens up a small menu in the corner of your browser. Click “Clip Content” and Memonic automatically divides the page up into clickable boxes that copies the box into your Memonic Account.

If you want to help organize your things into one easily accessed spot, download Memonic now! If you want a note taking app that is beautifully designed and extremely easy to use, download Memonic now! Actually, even if you don’t need those things, still download Memonic now! It makes your life easier.