Cloud Services for GPU Computing


Cloud Services for GPU Computing

Welcome to Hoopoe™!

Hoopoe™ provides cloud services for GPU computing.
Click here to read more about what are cloud services or what is cloud computing.

Hoopoe™ is not just a cloud service, it allows you to distribute your tasks and data on cluster of multiple GPUs without spending much effort!
It is based on a dedicated, real-time and reliable distributing software.


Alpha(α) testing phase

The alpha testing phase for Hoopoe™ is about to begin soon. If you wish to join, it is only one click away from registering.

During the alpha testing, Hoopoe's services will be provided for free.
The alpha testing is expected to last about a month. During that period of time we are intending to apply final touches to some areas of the system and receive important feedback from you, all to provide you with the best cloud solution for GPU computing needs.

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Patrice Neff

Patrice Neff May 26, 2010

Very timely. ;-)