Welcome to the Memonic developer area

If you are a developer, then you have come to the right place. In this area we talk about our technology and specifically about our API


Use the API to interact with Memonic from your own software.


To get help and give feedback our our API, you can use the Memonic developer forum. Also feel free to contact us directly.


New releases usually happen every two weeks. For the full changelog see our release page.

Memonic technology

We regularly blog and talk about the technologies we use. To get a look behind the scene of Memonic, the following posts are ideal reading material.


We publish some of our code as open source.

A Python framework for creating REST web services. We use it for almost all our backend services and even for our public API.
A small extension for the Python HTTP library httplib2. With TinfoilHat you can protect applications against downloading data from internal IPs.