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최고의 웹 클립퍼

  • 웹 콘텐트 고정
  • 나중에 읽을 수 있도록 웹페이지 저장
  • 메모 작성
  • 클립퍼에서 바로 콘텐트를 구성합니다
  • 지루한 조사 기간을 위해서 수집 모드를 이용합니다
  • 윈도우용 클리퍼를 이용하여 스크린 샷을 찍고, 워드나 PDF등으로부터 콘텐트를 저장하세요
  • 여러분의 컬렉션으로 이메일과 첨부파일을 포워드합니다
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클립퍼에서 바로 콘텐트를 구성합니다


수월한 편성

  • Keep your notes organized with our clutter-free and easy-to-use web interface
  • Organize your content in folders, tags and groups
  • Edit your notes and web clippings with our powerful editor
  • Save paper – create super compact printouts
  • Use Keyboard shortcuts to get things done even faster
  • Customize the look and feel to your preference
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Tag and file notes with clutter-free tools



  • Friends don't spam friends. Instead of lengthy emails, simply send a tiny URL pointing to your up-to-date notes.
  • Work with friends and co-workers in groups
  • Keep your notes private, or share them with your friends, or the whole world!
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Mobile and Desktop Apps

Stay in sync

  • Sync all your notes to your favorite device
  • Take notes and organize your collection on the go
  • Access all of your notes & clippings from anywhere, anytime – even when you are offline
  • Avoid expensive roaming bills while travelling abroad
  • All our clients share the same look and feel, so there's no need to relearn our tools on each platform
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