Tuyet Lan Orchids Tailor Shop Reviews


Tuyet Lan Orchids Tailor Shop Reviews

This shop is definitely the best of its kind I've ever visited. If Tuyet Lan's doesn't have something you're looking for, they can make it happen. Unlike most tailor shops they have a lot of clothing on hand for those who prefer cash and carry, but you can also have anything on the floor made to order in a different color, size, length etc. If you've been searching for something specific and haven't ever found it you can work with a sales girl to create something from your imagination.

The employees were what made me love this place so much-- they all had great personalities and were very talkative. My friend Stephanie is my life sized Barbie doll and I love picking out random things to have her try on. The shop girls found this really entertaining and nearly all of them were watching Stephanie's one girl runway show after a while. One of them even asked if she would mind trying on a few new designs they had made because they'd never gotten to see them on a "real model" before. Some how having them around made it feel more like an activity than just shopping.

Prices vary based on complexity and fabric choice, and Stephanie found they were pretty generous with discounting when you buy multiple items. I wasn't going to get anything as I was running out of room in my pack, but after some prodding from my favorite of the sales girls, I decided I wanted on of the ao dai t-shirts they were all wearing as sort of uniform. It is cutest, most comfortable thing I own. I think I paid $30 or $35US, not a steal but I don't feel ripped off in the slightest. I was impressed with them-- they talked me into it the last afternoon we were in and managed to make my shirt by 8 am the next morning.

They do not have any men's clothing on the floor, but they do make suits from the catalogs.