10 Cool things to do in Ibiza


10 Cool things to do in Ibiza


Dont leave Ibiza without doing :


1. Watch the sunset at Cafe Del Mar.

At the far end of San Antonio Bay lies the world-famous sunset strip and the bar that launched all those chill-out compilations you find in record stores all over the planet - The Café Del Mar. Get here before sunset and grab a long cool drink in readiness for one of the most memorable sights you will ever witness. The promenade and rocks by the seafront are thronged each night with people of all ages, some getting ready for the clubs, but all sharing the spectacle and the sunset soundtrack provided by the cafés.

2. Walk the old streets of Ibiza town after midnight.

With the old walled city of Dalt Vila lit up like something out of a fairytale, this is one of the most captivating experiences Ibiza has to offer. Even long after midnight, you'll find bars, cafés and all sorts of boutiques still open and selling their wares. The scent of the evening by the port is something you will forever associate with long summer nights. And then of course there are the club parades. Pacha, Amnesia et al send out their entourages into the streets around the port, handing out their flyers and enticing you into their clubs. It's worth staying out late just to catch a glimpse or two of the 'beautiful people' as they troupe by.
3. Visit the Hippie Market in Es Cana.

Catch a bus, taxi or ferry to the resort of Es Cana on the east side of the island. Just outside of town you'll find a hillside covered with stalls selling all manner of hippy-related goodies. Leather goods from jackets and handbags to belts, shoes and accessories. Trinkets, beaded necklaces and bangles. Pipes and bongs and other curious talking points for the mantel back home. Tie-dyed shirts and trousers and scarves, of course, alongside more modern clothing. The market has undergone a pinch of commercialisation in more recent years, but the spirit lives on or, to paraphrase, the song remains the same!

4. Visit Cala D'Hort to see the famous rock of Es Vedra.

This imposing creation of nature wouldn't look out of place as the villain's hideout in a Bond film. Some 400 metres high, Es Vedra simply dominates the view out to sea. It's an official nature reserve, and lies some 3km off the coast. Visit the area of Cala D'Hort at any time of day and you'll be impressed, but it is at sunset that the rock truly comes into its own. Make sure there's plenty of room on your camera, as you won't want to come away from here without a handful of memories of this most photogenic of landscapes.

5. Clubbing - Amnesia , Pacha , Space and Privilege
There is nothing to compare to the superclubs of Ibiza. Frankly, the rest of the world is the runner-up. Privilege alone has a capacity of around 10,000 people, Pacha is the year-round club, and a favourite of the locals as well as the tourists, while Space invented the concept of the day-club, kicking off their parties when the other clubs are kicking you out of the door at sunrise. In Ibiza, you can literally party until you drop from exhaustion. And you wouldn't be the first!       

6. Have a traditional Spanish Paella.

The Paella was born in Valencia hundreds of years ago, and the rice dish was cooked with the local game of the time, including rabbit, chicken and snails. In Ibiza, however, seafood has  replaced the snails, though Paella on the island will often include rabbit and chicken. You simply must sample this incredibly flavoursome dish. Saffron is used to flavour and colour the rice to give it that dusty yellow look, and the taste, well, it's unique. There is simply nothing to compare it against. Many restaurants on the island cook their paella in giant pans, anything up to six feet in circumference!
7. Visit the neighbouring Island Es Palmador and take a dip in the mud baths.

It matters not whether you actually need a mud bath, the point is about wanting one. When you find Es Palmador, this island may well trick you into believing you're in the middle of the loneliest spot in the Caribbean, but don't be fooled, because the experience here is at least one step better than that. Chill the hell out in one of the most remote, most relaxing spots on the planet. Like this needs more explaining!

8. See the firework display at the old town of Ibiza on August the 15th.

Regular visitors to this site will already understand just how enthusiastic the Ibicencs are about their fireworks. Not a festival goes by without an explosive display. The big one, however, takes place on the night of August 15th, the Spanish-wide celebration of the ascension of the  Virgin Saint of Paloma, a woman rescued from men and revered to this day. It's a national holiday not just in Ibiza, but in all of the Balearic Islands and mainland Spain itself. There is no equivalent in the UK but then, this is not the UK, and there will always be a reason to party here. This is quite simply the biggest party there is, so prepare to be awed.
9. Visit the beach club Bora Bora in Playa Den Bossa.

The day-long party area of Ibiza is waiting especially for you. We're not kidding - there's your table, your Pina Colada on the mat, and the five thousand near-naked close friends you're about to make. What on earth are you waiting for?

10. Visit Benirras beach for the Sunday drumming party.

Come see the hippies in all their natural glory at Benirras beach (just around the corner from Port de San Miguel). At sunset each Sunday, the drums and bongoes begin, and you can dance around the fires until the sun comes up again. Step back in time to the Summer of Love, live and not remotely exclusive.

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Best Hotels Ibiza



Mirador de Dalt Vila
5 Star
Plaza de España, 4, Ibiza, 07800, ES

Housed in a historical property in the heart of Ibiza Town, the Mirador de Dalt Vila offers sea views. All rooms have a whirlpool bath and free Wi-Fi.
Mirador de Dalt Vila Mirador de Dalt Vila Mirador de Dalt Vila
Mirador de Dalt Vila


Festive Restaurants on Ibiza




La Casita Restaurant Nr Cala Llonga
A picture postcard Farmhouse restaurant with a beautiful marquee, covered fountain terrace and stunning views of the pine valley below. Perfect for a stylish wedding reception or cosy intimate dining, with Austrian cuisine and innovative specialities. Catering for your own home party or celebration with a marque Tel: +34 971 330 293


Can Den Parra Restaurant In Dalt Vila, the old town of Ibiza
'Tipic' Spanish restaurant in wonderful historic and romantic settings. Dine paveside or in the cosy interior. Open May to October.Tel: +34 971 39 11 14


Cas MilĂ  Restaurant Cala Tarida Beach
Idyllically set atop a beach cliff with stunning coastal views this restaurant has everything that's special, including the imaginative Mediterranean cuisine. Offering an assorted menu for €16.50 Mon to Sat. all summer long. Winter months open on week-ends at lunchtime. Tel: +34 971 80 61 93

Cana Sofia Restaurant

Cana Sofia RestaurantGreat location overlooking Cala Vadella beach
Best Balearic chef 2010. Representative of the Balearics in the Spanish Championship of Chefs. Eurotoques delegate for Ibiza and Formentera. Recommended by the Repsol, Gourmetour and Michelin Guides. Tlf: 971 80 82 73


Restaurants are open for lunch from around 1 to 4 pm; dinner from around 8 pm to whenever. Remember, the Spanish dine really late. In the resorts restaurants often open earlier or serve food the whole day.