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Keren & Adam

Keren Eldad is the NY-based Fashion Advertising Director of the LA Times. Additionally, she moonlights as a freelance fashion writer, and has contributed to Woman’s Day, Blackbook , Elle, “AT” Israel,, and The Daily Telegraph. It’s great for shoe money.

Adam Patrizia is Director, CRM for Andre Balazs Properties. He currently resides in the Financial District of Manhattan with his dog, Harvey Nichols. His favorite color is blue.

How did you guys meet?

Keren: Adam joined Surface magazine, where I worked at the time.

Adam: We met at our old employment, on a sunny day in a café. She was wearing yellow. I was wearing a pink striped shirt, blue tie and navy blue cord blazer. Perfect match.

What made you click & become bff, gbf?

Keren: Two minutes into our initial meeting, Adam liked my shoes and declared me the new best friend. Since I too make snap, semi-shallow decisions, I agreed, and we pinky swore on it.

Adam: I thought she was going to be a spinster bitch with nothing in her life but work and David Yurman jewels. BUT the minute she opened her mouth I was in love. And never looked back. Love this girl.