Keren Eldad & Adam Patrizia


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Keren Eldad & Adam Patrizia

BFFs Since: 2006 | City: NYC

What’s your friend’s best quality?

Keren: He’s HILARIOUS.

Adam: This is too broad of a question. Does it mean physical quality, spiritual,emotional? What I like best about Keren is her no BS attitude -which is such a hilarious dichotomy since she is in AD SALES.

So, all good friends fight every now and then right? Any knock-downs?

Keren: Only about my boyfriends. And any time I have gained weight. He just looks so disappointed, it’s awful.

Adam: One should never fight a gorgeous,ex-Israeli soldier.

How has he/she influenced you the most?

Keren: I’m delighted to say, I have lost ten lbs. Adam’s catty judgment just pushes me to be my higher self.

Adam: She has influenced me to calm down. And convinced me that mustard is good with eggs.

What do you know about him/her that no one else does?

Keren: NOBODY knows something about Adam that no one else does.

Adam: There is nothing NOBODY doesn’t know about Keren.

What piece of advice has he/she not taken that you still say….i told you so?

Keren: I told him plaid doesn’t belong on anyone other than lumberjacks. He doesn’t listen.

Adam: Keren doesn’t take my advice. Especially when it comes to credit cards.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done together?

Keren: Threw a Sex & The City party. Dressed up. AND cried at the movie. It was Adam’s idea.

Adam: We threw a Sex in the City movie party and cried during the film. It was her idea.

For women everywhere, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give them?

Keren: Ladies: Never trust girlfriends to answer important questions honestly. Gay men are the only ones who will tell you “yes, you have gained weight”, “yes, that dress does look awful on you”, and “yes, your boyfriend is a douche”

Adam: Gay men are the most honest to women they care about. But that has to go both ways. Oh, and don’t set your best gay up on a date. Just because the other person is gay too doesn’t mean we want to know them.

When was the last time you shopped together? What did you buy?

Keren: That’s not us. It really wouldn’t be fair to sales clerks.

Adam: We made a pact early on to NEVER shop with each other.

When was the last time you ate together?

Keren: His birthday dinner. Obviously, there was no actual food.

Adam: Eating is for quitters.

What’s your biggest fashion Do & Don’t?

Keren: To thine own self be true.

Adam: Do wear heels more when dressed casually. Don’t wear large bags, large sunglasses, some floppy top and sandals. And walk around texting and talking about shoes. That look is not attractive and you’re facilitating the stereotype that women want to be like girls on The Hills. Men want to hate-lay those girls, not marry them.

What’s the very best advice he’s/she’s ever given you?

Keren: To leave Surface the same week as he did. It was our Thelma and Louise Moment.

Adam: Grow up.

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