The Versatility of Activated Charcoal


Activated charcoal is a versatile item which is steadily becoming more popular with a lot of home owners. It has a lot of use around the house that it is legitimately a threat to manufacturers of commercial deodorizers and sanitizers. Its way of deodorizing and sanitizing is also preferable than commercial versions because it absorbs bacteria instead of simply masking it with a stronger scent. On top of that, it also eliminates the exposure to harsh chemicals which are used as active ingredients to almost every deodorizers as well as sanitizers in the market. Aside from this however, activated charcoal has a lot of other uses that might seem far-fetched, but are perfectly logical given its amazing absorption and binding capabilities.


One particularly unusual way that people have been using activated charcoal is as a teeth whitener. It's no secret that most people would flinch at this thought initially, more so when skeptics would want to try out its effectiveness. But the fact is that it's even better than commercial teeth whiteners because it doesn't expose the sensitive areas of the mouth to harsh chemicals. It's common knowledge that teeth whiteners whiten teeth by using ingredients that are strong enough to remove stains. Using activated charcoal on the other hand is gentler to the mouth because it simply absorbs plaque and tartar in order to clean it. In addition to this, activated charcoal also regulates the pH balance inside the mouth, thanks to its negative electrical charge which is responsible for canceling out some of the acidity. A word of caution is still advised on using this method as it may stain clothing if used carelessly. Rinsing as close to the sink as possible is definitely recommended.

Another unusual use for activated charcoal is as an antidote. Most people are skeptical about this but there are a lot of medical researches that perfectly showcase the adsorption quality of activated charcoal in this regard. It is able to bind with most toxic substances so that they aren't absorbed by the intestine, and would eventually pass through the excretory system without any complications. This is evident in people who are into drinking but depend on activated charcoal to prevent hangovers the next day. It binds with the alcohol so that only a little gets into the bloodstream.

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