Freelancers’ Crunch-time Survival Tactics


There’s a freelancing ideal that states that if you’re properly organized, and manage your clients well, you should never come up hard against a deadline. You should never have to pull an all-nighter, work odd hours, or rush to get something finished.

But we all know that, despite best intentions, life can get in the way. We can’t always meet the ideal, and often, we (okay, I) fall far short. How do you survive the crunch times? Here are my favorite tactics.

Find a voiceover talent for your videos

If you want to do a tutorial or intro video for your startups homepage its crucial that you use professional voice actor.
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Fred Wilson’s 10 Golden Principles of Successful Web Apps | Carsonified

In February 2010 Fred Wilson, a New York based tech investor, spoke at the annual Future of Web Apps Miami conference. His talk, clocking in at just under

Slides (PDF): 22 Tips & Hints for Startups

Unter folgendem Link sind die Slides (PDF, 1.5MB) unserer Präsentation erhältlich.

Do a good founding contract

Money matters...

What we put into the contract
  • Act as one team
  • Pay-out if somebody leaves the team (voluntarily or not)
  • Obligations (What happens to share if you divorce)
  • Price of shares when sold internally
  • Right of first refusal, pre-emptive right (Vorhand- und Vorkaufsrecht)

Basically it’s a prenuptial agreement ... ;-)

Get a book keeper

Money matters...

The first due diligence looms on the horizon
The first (tax, social security, VAT, etc.) audit is just around the corner
You sell your business based on Excel not on code

Some links

Get a business person into the team

Money matters...

A techie is per se not credible with a business person & vice versa
You need somebody to manage the (growing) organization

3a: Select intensely 
       (as with all appointees)

Tips on recruiting

A simple plan

Simple goals and a simple plan
Focus on getting things done

Plus a couple of links

Ground Rules

Rule 1 – Customer First, always!
Rule 2 – A great team is great people
Rule 3 – The solution is the Team
Rule 4 – Long Term over Shortterminism
Rule 5 – And yet we count the time in months not years
Rule 6 – We're optimistic
Rule 7 – Creativity and Communication are Key
Rule 8 – Errors are ok, if...
Rule 9 – Getting things done
Rule 10 – Be nice!

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