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FashionFriends - Schneeschuh "Miage Castro"

  • Geeignet bei hartem und eisigem Untergrund
  • Leicht und dynamisch
  • Material aus keramischer Basis
  • Farbkontrast durch Kunststoffmaterialien
  • Behandeltes Stahl-Harscheissen und 6 Eiszacken an der Sohle
  • Grosse Auflagefläche bei frischem Schnee
  • Steighilfe für Erleichterung in steilem Gelände
  • Integriertes Anti-Kipp-System
  • Castro-Bindung
  • Müheloses Fixieren und Positionieren
  • Verstärktes Nirosta-Stahl Harscheisen an der Vorderseite
  • Feste Abdeckung für den Laufschuh
  • Fixierung durch einen Riemen
  • Tragetasche mit Reissverschluss
  • Geprägtes Logo an der Vorderseite
  • Gesamtgewicht: 1.8kg
  • Verstellbare Schuhgrösse: 34-48
  • Max. Körpergewicht: 100kg
  • Kunststoff, Metall, Textil

CHF 169.90

Shut up, Spock! – how Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble • The Register

Kevin Grazier

No guns firing beams of light. No photon torpedoes. And, sorry, no aliens – menacing or otherwise. The "re-imagined" Battlestar Galactica that concluded last year couldn't have been further from its 1970s namesake – or from what most of us think of as sci-fi.

What we got was guns firing lead bullets, battleships hurling nuclear missiles at each other, and a space vessel - Galactica - that was more mauled aircraft carrier than sleek ship.

Grazier's job was to help keep the technology and science real and credible - even when there were some massive leaps. Grazier didn't just make sure that there was a reason for what we saw - bullets instead of lasers - but also that when the science bit did break into the open, it was more mind-blowing than the writers could have conceived - such as when the humans discover their mechanical Cylon persecutors have evolved to look human.

Apple fanbois got it all wrong

The next iteration of Apple's OS, OSX 10.7 will be codenamed 'Rabbit Lion'

Comments (2)

Douglas Grendahl

Douglas Grendahl Jun 2, 2011

I look forward to their new release. Have been an Apple fan since day one.
Toni Birrer

Toni Birrer Jun 2, 2011

Yep, looking forward to it too... i'm only using macs since about 3 years, but would not want to go back ;-)

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Hiltl Posters

Restaurant, Bar, Kochschule, Take away, Catering, Laden. Erstes und führendes vegetarisches Haus Europas. Hiltl seit 1898.

Eco urinal concept saves time and the environment


Eco urinal concept saves time and the environment

You do wash your hands when you're done, don't you?

Comments (2)

Chris Hauzenberger

Chris Hauzenberger Sep 2, 2010

Where is the soap, please?
Toni Birrer

Toni Birrer Sep 2, 2010

Ahh... saving even more water ;-)
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